California streetwear
The view from the store front...

Titanic Boutique is one of the oldest stores on the Venice Beach boardwalk. Think The Lost Boys movie and you’re half way there. These guys hold the record for the biggest single boardwalk transaction of 30 grand for two giant metal sculptures of The Predator and The Alien made by a local artist from recycled car parts.

transformers models
Titanic is unlike any store you've been to

However, Titanic is best renowned for their headwear. Literally a compendium of all of the best types of hats you can think of and owners and managers who literally know the inside out of every hats they sell. We get through a lot of hats and snapbacks with these guys and they get through a lot of customers.

headwear USA
Going in with Antonio - he's a hat specialist

An epic traditional store to be partnered with and a location that anyone would be thankful to work in, day in and day out. Check these guys out the next time you’re doing the tourist thing…