Calisthenics team Bar Sparta
Crew decked out

King is proud to announce that one of the world's best Calisthenics teams - the UK’s Bar Sparta - has joined forces to be our exclusive Calisthenics affiliates. These guys are way more than just a gym king. With unbelievable dexterity, strength, core stability, and agility, they can put many other athletes to shame.

With a series of performance and sport inspired pieces in every collection, including our double face tech fleece garments, tracksuits, and sweats, there is always something in every collection that will keep you looking at the part both on and off the bars and in and outside the gym.

gym king
Kings of the Gym

The team that recently placed second at the world championships in Dubai has some of the most talented Calisthenics athletes in the world and will be at this May’s Body Power Expo, doing a series of exhibition performances as well as competing globally again in individual pursuits and the biggest team events.

the gym king

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