Founded in 2003 during the midst of the Gen-1 Grime era we aspired to create a brand that represented the culture with authenticity, competing in a fashion world dominated by US labels. Working with artists from Crazy Titch and Sway Dasafo to Wretch32 and Plan B, we created the early blueprint of supporting and collaborating with music talent at the edge of the culture - a testament that we proudly carry to this day.

KING presents: Queen & Slim
KING presents: Queen & Slim

As we move through 2021, we present our summer vision - Queen & Slim - featuring avant-garde artist Ryan De La Cruz and stylist and model Nadya Maki, conceptualised by Quinton Faulkner who made his name as a celebrity and high fashion styling authority in New York.

BMW E30 drop top
The summer vision...

Quinton Faulkner :-

‘Appreciating the deep heritage that KING has in UK streetwear and being one of the only brands that’s close to 20 years old, I wanted to pay tribute to the original Hip Hop culture that not only inspired and translated into the Grime scene born in East London, but also inspired founders Tim and Paul in the early late 90’s / early 2000’s to go ahead and start KING in 2003.’

An East London Love Story
An East London Love Story

‘Hip Hop changed the way people dress, speak and express themselves. Ryan De La Cruz carries an enigmatic Tupac vibe whilst Nadya reminded me of the late Aaliyah - and the idea of a 90’s love story set in the hood was born. It was important to create a narrative that was authentic to the roots and cultural settings that influences the brand, hence the location in the heart of East London’s Carpenters Estate set contextually against original period 90’s props including vinyl decks on a stack of milk crates, the custom boombox and the original 90’s BMW E30 Coupe.’

Ryan De La Cruz atop the Carpenters Estate basketball ring
UK streetwear embedded in East London

With several iconic love stories to draw inspiration from, we gravitated instinctively towards the award winning Queen & Slim. A movie that showcased British talent, set in the iconic 90’s era and that most importantly narrated the story that we all live - a KING and Queen from the streets, living their lives in the hood. An authentic story that carries all of the elements that are interwoven in the culture of KING.

Nadya Maki on the decks
With authenticity the story tells itself