This weeks store focus looks at two new stores that have opened their doors in the past few months.


The guys behind Headthreads have been in the game for a long time. In fact they were one of the biggest retailers of King back in the New Era days of 2004. Fast forward to 2014 and following years spent honing their skills as online specialists, the first Headthreads flagship store has opened its doors in Cardiff, South Wales. Offering lines from Crooks, Dope, New Era, Starter and obviously London's Finest - King Apparel, these guys have something for all tastes. (I have it on good authority that they also still hold some of our coveted classic pieces from seasons gone by, so if you're after something different then definitely give them a shout). Fitted out in white brick work with customised boxed out wall features, its got a premium feel but without the intimidation factor of some stores. It promises to be a destination for all fashion and streetwear connoisseurs over the coming years, so make sure to check these guys out next time you're doing a Gavin and Stacey location tour.

Cardiff's finest purveyor of headwear
Cardiff's finest purveyor of headwear.

Urban One

Another new store on the roster, Urban One has opened up in recent months in the North Western town of Widnes. A stones throw from Liverpool, Manchester and Chester it's in a great location to pull in discerning customers who are looking for something different than what every single one of their mates is currently wearing. Owned by the young and business savvy Stevie Mitchell, the store really has a great fit out. Copper piping bespoke fittings, reclaimed wood and original brick work are the order of the day and a good mixture of fashionable and contemporary brands means that its a good stop no matter what your taste is. They currently hold a tight selection of our AW14 collection from tees, to caps to shirts. So, veer off the beaten track and make your own path across to Widnes and check out all the good stuff Urban One has to offer. -> URBAN ONE

Based in Widnes, just a short ride from Liverpool, Urban One picks up where Elementz left off
Based in Widnes, just a short ride from Liverpool, if you're looking for King Apparel, now you know where to go!