At the end of last month the King team packed their bags (again) and jumped on a tin of sardines Virgin Atlantic flight to the turd that is rolled in glitter known as Las Vegas.

Transatlantic business
The Flight Sucked

Taking in the last streetwear tradeshow of the season at Agenda in the Venetian Sans Expo, this was the place to get the big orders tied up and cement those agreements that will see King Apparel selling worldwide in the next year. (Don't worry all of our distributors and license holders know how to keep things tight!)

Arriving a couple of days early we decided to check out how Vegas stacked up against Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures, work out who had built the tackiest hotel resort and see how many fat people we could count smoking fags playing slot machines.

A really crap casino game
See this game? It was shit.

Luckily i have no clue how to gamble so didn't spend any time in the countless cloned casinos that litter the lower floors of every hotel. Instead we sought out the badass Mirage pool complex at the rear of our hotel and with the sun blazing for a couple of days made the most of pretending we weren't sitting in the middle of the desert.

The Pool
Badman pool complex at The Mirage

hot tubbin
Not a hut tub time machine goddamit

Eating good food in Vegas is not easy. There are so many restaurants you cannot tell if they are good or bad. One night we had an amazing Japanese on recommendation of some long timers but mostly places would just try and stack you up with the biggest portions you have ever seen. Its like they think the more they give you will make up for the fact that it's not very good?! i must say they did have a good selection of cakes and ice cream though.

cake face
this is why Americans are fat

One highlight before knuckling down to hard work was the free tickets we had for The Beatles x Cirque Du Soleil courtesy of friends over at Apple Records. The show was seriously impressive even though i'm not a fan of the Beatles, and they only made one fuck up (a pretty obvious one) but still only one!

Cirque du Soleil
Properly good acrobatics

Unfortunately we ran out of time to shoot machine guns at bits of paper with a man drawn on it. Maybe next time. Next up: The Agenda show.

gun stuff
i wish i'd met this woman...and shot this gun