Recently I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful city of Copenhagen in Denmark. Instead of just posting boring shots of what I ate, I thought I'd save you all some research time for the future and educate you on what you should be doing and where you should be going, if you ever decide to visit this wonderful place. This is the King Apparel guide to Copenhagen.

Stay somewhere decent...

...Like the Kong Arthur hotel. You don't want to go to one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe and stay in some basic 2* joint do you? Naw.


Go Shopping

Copenhagen has some of the best shops in Europe so going shopping the moment you land is clearly a no brainer.


Soulland is decent, plus they've got weird photos of a man taking a woman hostage so thats pretty cool.



Wood Wood had a Pigalle buildout that sported this see-through cagoule thing. You really ever going to wear something see through though? You'll look like a tourist at disney land.


These Jeff Staple X Clarks collabs are actually really good.


Norse Projects is the obvious shopping highlight,  if you're in Copenhagen this is automatically top of your list.


By this point your girl is probably getting annoyed that she's been in 6 different menswear stores and she hasn't seen anything for her. Well, take her to Naked. Naked is a Women's only sneaker store that has all the tier-zero heat in girls sizes. Someone really needs to do this in London.


And finally, because at this point you're probably already broke, stop off at Street Machine who have a struggle section at the back with all the old seasons stock on sale with mad discounts.

Hire a bike & go to Christinana

Hiring a bike in Copenhagen is the only way to get around. Take the subway with the regular people? Naw. Two wheels it is.


Easily the best way to get around


Once you've hired a bike you're going to want to actually go somewhere, and you need to be pointing that thing directly at Christiana, a freetown within Copenhagen that isn't governed by EU rule. I'm not going to bore you with the details but it's essentially a hippy commune that openly sells weed and assorted accessories on the street. Sound good?


It's also home to the magnificent Wonderland bowl, which started as an outdoor ramp, before local skaters built a roof over it to save it from the impending winter weather.



Leaving Christiana, 'You are now entering the EU'.

Drink a slow beer

Before arriving in CPH nearly everyone who'd been previously recommended this beer spot that does 'Slow Beer'. It's been open nearly 100 years and half the locals look like they have too.



It takes 20 minutes to pour one so naturally I  bought a 'between-beer' to drink while I waited


The finished result. There's barely any Co2 in it so it's pretty smooth/flat.


Aaaaand finally, to really give your trip that culture injection, quit being basic and take the train north to go to the Louisiana Art Museum.


It looks right onto Sweden (usually), but it was rainy and shit so we couldn't see it.


And that concludes our guide. See? Managed to do it without any photos of food!