A few years ago King was involved and in some ways responsible for the successes of acts like Wretch 32, Plan B and Joker among others. We featured them in our ad campaigns across national magazines when nobody else had heard of them outside of London, and watched with pride as they blew up, and in Plan B's case, conquered the world.

We've always done this, we will always support the musicians, rappers, DJs, whatever, that we like because we care about our music and we care about spreading the music we love far and wide. You may have seen in the last five months that we've been hanging out and working with a a new crop of talented guys that are coming out of London. These guys musical output makes us all excited and we're honoured to be able to work with them.

With this in mind we traveled to the respective boroughs that these dudes call home to shoot them wearing our new AW13 collection for our lookbook. The guys we've been working with and that you've seen across our social channels are (in order of how they appear below) Last Japan, Illaman, ItsNate, Roska and lifelong King family Plastician.

Obviously not everyone here is 'new' talent, Plastician has been killing it and part of the King family since day 1, and anybody with the slightest interest in underground house, bass or funky knows the name Roska. But with Illaman, Last Japan and ItsNate, I urge you to check out their music, because trust me you want to be that dude that is already on that tip when they blow up.

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