First in a new series of interviews with the crew that rep our gear all around the world is Rinse FM's Roska. A heavyweight UK producer and DJ, you can catch Roska's show every Tuesday on Rinse FM, as well as gigs all over the place. His label RKS has been making moves this year, and we've also partnered up with them for an exclusive mix series you can check out here.

Hi, how you doing?

I'm well thanks. Im on a boat somewhere in France for a week chilling

What are you working on at the moment?

I have a new EP coming out on Rinse either June or July.

Where was the last gig you played?

Fabric, London for Rinse. Amazing show. Great start to the Easter celebrations.

Which pieces from the new collection are you feeling?

The Wear the Crown stuff is looking very tasty


If you designed a King t-shirt what would it look like?

Somewhere on it would be a combination of a Roska logo combined with the king logo - it would have to be a limited edition tee.

What artists should be be looking out for at the moment?

Jello. He has a release due out on RKS end of May. Also smashing it at the moment is Low Steppa amazing beats and DJ sets.

Tell us about your worst ever gig.

Worst ever was a midweek one in up North back in 2009. The promoter failed to promote the show at all. Turned up and there was a fabulous turnout of 20 people. Played for 45 mins and headed back to my hotel.


Lets round it off with some top 5s:

Spots to eat :
In & Out in Los Angeles
Tinsel Town
Coal Shed in Brighton

Cities to travel to:
New York

5 People you call close friends:

Thor: The Dark World
Matrix Trilogy
House party
Face: Off
Iron Man 3

Albums right now:
Rick Ross - Mastermind
Busta & Q-Tip - The Abstract Dragon
Tensnake - Glow
Cas -23
Sasha Keable - Black Book

Recent gadgets or toys you’ve purchased:
I recently bought a few shock proof and water proof USB sticks for the road.

Things to do when not producing:
Gym and running

Thanks dude!