One of the drum ’n’ bass scene's most recognizable and prominent faces Ed Rush (DJ Ben Settle) has been releasing records since 1992 and via his musical partnership with Optical since 1997.

The co-founder of Virus Recordings and owner of Piranha Pool Recordings he is rightly associated with cutting edge beats and breaking new ground in the d’n’b scene.

Alongside Optical the dual production team released ‘wormhole’ in 1998, a release that was widely recognized as changing the face of D'n'B as we know it, providing a foundation for the Neuro and Techstep sounds and paving the way for household names such as Noisia.

Ed Rush in King Apparel
Drum'n'Base DJ and Producer Ed Rush in the King Apparel Select T-shirt

Ed Rush’s discography with Optical reads like a who’s who for anyone into the scene – The Creeps in 2000, The Original Doctor Shade in 2003, Chameleon in 2006, Travel the galaxy in 2009, with the track Frontline also being used on the soundtrack to the Wipeout video game in 2008. The latest album No Cure was released in 2015.

More recently Ed has been ramping things up with his latest partnership with Audio – Killbox, as well as headlining at festivals and gigs across the world, most recently at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas where Ed was spotted in the King Select t-shirt in black.

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