As we enter 2020 we have ramped up the levels once again with the release of our exclusive limited edition Royal Pack featuring Poundz.

KING Royal Pack featuring Poundz
The Imperial Cap and T-shirt
There are Levels to this...

Comprised of 12 caps and 12 t-shirts the Royal Pack represents the first instalment of our premium level offering, made in extremely limited numbers with no repeats once sold out.

King Royal Pack Caps
The Royal Pack - Limited Edition

Premium releases require premium collaborations and with our position as a lynchpin for authentic British streetwear culture, we drew on our connections to bring one of the most relevant and credible UK artists of the present time to the head of the table - Poundz.

KING Royal Pack featuring Poundz
Poundz model up with the KING Royal Pack

Signed to Disturbing London - the South London native has blown the doors off the scene this Autumn with his latest single ‘Opp Thot’. The hard hitting, rapid-fire flow he is renowned for brings the simple yet catchy Drill beat alive, creating the kinda tune that no one can get out of their head and everyone knows will bang. With almost 6m views on GRM Daily, approaching 200k on instagram and new singles in the pipeline, Poundz now has the foundation to blow through 2020.
Opp Thot...

We linked with Poundz in our East London studio to spend a day shooting the Royal Pack line and a lookbook feature for the collection. We have cut no corner with these pieces - all of the t-shirts are cut and sewn using a heavyweight 180gsm combed cotton with luxurious print and foil detailing. The headwear design draws on our regal heritage with striking oversized and intricate embroidered badge work and a choice between traditional snapbacks and buckled fabric straps.

Poundz Royal Pack White T-Shirt
Twelve new hook ups - The Royal Pack

The next level in premium British street fashion, all items are now available exclusively on the KING website.

Poundz Royal Pack Lifestyle
Wear The Crown

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