A new year, a new decade. A time when thoughts are centered on change, self improvement, setting and smashing goals and becoming the KING of your reality.

This year we focus on a selected group of individuals from the KING affiliate stable, all who have started from the bottom and have risen to become KING’s of their field. Inspirational stories, challenging journeys and ambitious rises – these are the faces of a new generation - #FITFORAKING

Fit For A KING - Rants N Bants
Rants N Bants - #fitforaking


Hailing from North London, in just over 3 short years Rants N Bants has risen to become one of the most recognized and coveted YouTube football fan TV personalities.

Fit For A KING - Rants N Bants
KING of YouTube football

Starting out with no formal arts or media training or education, Rants launched his channel ‘Rants n Bants’ in the Spring of 2016, focusing on comedic sport, political and social commentary. Ensuring the content was laced with his special brand of humour, passion and an authenticity to the subject matter, with a leap of faith and an unwavering drive and work ethic the channel took off and pushed Rants into the spotlight and also onto the radar of fellow Manchester United fans.

It wasn’t long before Rants joined the team as one of the key faces at the independent Manchester United fan channel - The United Stand - and over the past 18 months has been instrumental in propelling the channel to become the largest and most recognised Manchester United fan channel in the world at over 640k subscribers, and the fastest growing fan channel globally in 2019.

RantsnBants on Set KING Shoot
On Set in the KING hook up

There is no accident to this meteoric rise. The daily hustle is real for Rants and when it comes to filming, content creation, activity across social media and ensuring the networking and collabs keep flowing – there are no days off. To get to the top you need to be prepared to work harder than the next man – and no one is in Rants lane.

RantsnBants With King
Team King

As we enter 2020 Rants is taking his caustic wit, humour, divisive opinions, straight talking and no nonsense approach to bigger platforms; as a writer, editor and political correspondent for Vice, regular appearances on radio 5 live sport, Sky Sports and 1xtra as well as writing his own Comedy show. 

The crown is ready made for man like Rants -  so watch this space #FITFORAKING

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