The Manchester streetwear scene is one steeped in history and despite the city being more notable for its plethora of manufacturers, the spiritual home of sports and fast fashion retailers like JD and Foot Asylum and the throwaway fashion peddlars such as BooHoo, streetwear in Manchester is still alive and kicking and underpinning trends and looks that inspire the above several seasons after the core scene has moved on.

Limited Manchester
Clean lines and minimal branding - Limited

From the Northern quarter of the early 2000’s and independent stores like Note and Cast with their crazy mini-ramp in-store set up to the likes of Oi Polloi still going strong, through to the more recent additions further afield, the representation has always been strong.

Streetwear In Manchester
The Ridelow Creative Hub - a significant cultural icon

One store of prominence that has risen in recent years is Limited Manchester located in Deansgate. Catering for men across the board from heritage sportswear, through emerging brands to core streetwear, Limited is the only store in Manchester where you can pick up the new KING collections, adhering to our strict one store per town policy. This keeps the distribution tight and ensures that the exclusivity of the brand is never compromised.

The store has a clean cut, minimal feel with Manchester local and owner Jamie Gibbs having a long standing and deep understanding of the streetwear scene, so the store is always up to date with new looks, the most sought after brands and a store vibe that you can trust.

Streetwear In Manchester
Streetwear in Manchester

Ever developing the roster that is available but always with a nod to making the shopping experience a welcome one, it is well worth checking next time you’re in the city.

For more info on Limited check them out on Instagram