Following our work and features on the latest season of Netflix’ Top Boy we linked with actor Shone Romulus for a special Top Boy Dris interview and photoshoot.

Top Boy Dris Interview

For those that don’t know, actor and music artist Shone Romulus has played one of the lead characters in Top Boy since the shows channel 4 inception.

Bethnal Tracksuit Top Boy
Bethnal line as worn in Top Boy

Following our work with the shows wardrobe department, the character of ‘Dris’ was the chosen protagonist who would be seen throughout the show wearing the KING brand – so it made sense to get together and find out a bit more about the man behind ‘Dris’.

Top Boy Dris Interview
The Prestige Hoodie

Shone’s involvement in Top Boy is a pretty mad story of fate. As he explained to us at our showroom: ‘My uncle Jerry is a writer and he was connected with the Top Boy team. They asked to meet me to talk about life in Hackney and getting a bit more involved in the process. At the time I hadn’t really thought about being in TopBoy. One day we were sat around talking and they were like -  “You know what, you would be perfect for the character of Dris”. I thought they were taking the piss, but they encouraged me to try out, so I auditioned anyway for the part and I got it. When they told me, I was like “cool” and they were going mad – “bro, you got the part!”, but I wasn’t really aware of how big a deal it was you know, I just thought, not knowing how popular it would be or where it was gonna go’.

Dris In KING Office
Dris in the building

The Dris character has changed a lot from the first two seasons to the Netflix show – from being the road man to looking for a better way and Shone explained how he had to adapt to being a different Dris – incorporating the fact that he’s had a stroke, that he had a family and that was now his priority – testament to Shone’s ability to develop new characteristics for the role.

Dris Topboy Lifestyle
Dris Topboy

More recently he has also been working on his own short film ‘Three Roads’. ‘I’ve had a screening of that about a month ago. I’m working on the second part now, and I wanna get that in the film festivals. I’m also doing my own feature film I’m working on called What Money Can Do. I’m doing that totally independently, so yeah just looking to get some people on board with that.’

Top Boy X KING
Top Boy x KING

Coming through to the HQ, we showed Shone through the new line and he picked out those items that best suited his own personal style. ‘Man I like bright colourful items you know.

Top Boy Dris Interveiw
The Stepney Hoodie

That striped hoodie with the lion embroidery is the one (The prestige hoodie). I’m definitely getting the red, white and blue tracksuit and the matching tees (The Aldgate). Yeah, its proper and that stuff for next Summer… I definitely need some of that!’

Top Boy Dris Interview
Top Boy connection

We hooked up a few outfits and headed into E15 to get some shots in the new line. Within a minute of being out, we were stopped by fans of Shone and Top Boy multiple times, the traffic backed up, people hollering from their Range Rovers, reversing down the street to get a closer look…madness.

Shone Romulus with KING
Shone Romulus x KING

The future looks bright for the emerging actor, with his own film projects, music releases and acting opportunities on the horizon…plus the big question…Is Dris really dead?! Whatever the outcome Shone will be pushing the boundaries of the creative process and we’re sure to see more of him on our screens and in KING campaigns in the future.

Lifestyle Porsche
Locked in with the German Whip

Respect to Shone for being one of the real ones. If you are someone who might want to be involved in Shones' new feature film project or just want to link up directly with him, then reach him on his social channels below.

Top Boy Dris With Porsche
East London drip

All of the items featured in Top Boy as well as a whole lot more can be purchased on our special Top Boy section right here.




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The Whitechapel Tracksuit and Cap
The Whitechapel tracksuit and cap