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  • British streetwear going Stateside

    streetwear book brushed aluminium...

    Just a quick sneak peek at the limited edition coffee table King brand book that is going out to select retailers in the US. As we lead the charge for British streetwear going stateside, its more important than ever to work harder than the next brand, and the coffee table compendium is just one of several items in the armory designed to represent the talent that can be found on these fine shores.

    streetwear book Opening doors across the pond

    Learn more on instagram, twitter and facebook - @kingapparel

    streetwear book Coffee table flex
  • Girls in menswear with Paigey Cakey

    Nike, Jordan, Huarache, Air max A sneaker heads paradise

    UK Music artist Paige Meade gets into men’s fashion mode at London’s finest sneaker emporium Sports Dimension.

    Where do you stand on girls wearing men’s brands? I think it's good for girls to embrace and wear men's brands. I wear a lot of mens brands as i feel like women don't have a big enough collection of tracksuits and hoodies. I feel like the title 'mens clothing' puts a women off as they feel like it's not made for them. However i see mens clothing as unisex, women can rock it too and i'm seeing a lot more girls in menswear nowadays.

    girls in menswear Duo tracksuit on the girls is always a good look

    What kind of look do you like to go for with your styling and wardrobe? With my styling and wardrobe i like to go for colourful 'out there' clothes. I absolutely love jerseys and own over 20 of them. I've got a big tracksuit collection too. I would describe my style as sexy tomboy. I like to switch it up, as they say 'Get A Girl Who Can Do Both' thats me!

    british mens brands Picking out the latest air max drop

    What are your thoughts on clothing brands from the UK compared to those from  the US? I think the UK have some dope brands in comparison to the US. Theres also so many up and coming UK brands producing high quality clothes. I think we have our own style and flavour compared to the US. It's only a matter of time before they start following us

    women in streetwear Aesthetic Jacket

    Apple or Android? Apple

    Spotify or Apple Music? Apple Music

    JME or Skepta? Skepta

    Nike or Adidas? Nike

    womens air max 90's box fresh with the Staple Perf Tracksuit

    Three items from your wardrobe that you could never part with? My vintage denim biker jacket, my black hawks hockey jersey and my black ripped jeans

    If you weren’t caning the music industry right now what do you think you would be doing? I would probably be a chef as i have a huge passion for food and cooking. In my spare time you can always find me in the kitchen

    What’s the weirdest thing that has happened to you since you’ve been in the music biz? (be honest – we won’t judge haha) The weirdest thing was probably coming home to find a group of school kids waiting outside my house to take a pictures. I was in shock that they even knew when i lived lol

    Name your three biggest inspirations Ms Dynamite, Missy Elliott And Teedra Moses

    girls air max 90 classics

    Favourite crisps? You can only give one answer… McCoys Steak

    What does the future have in store for you? I'm currently wrapping up my 'RED VELVET' mixtape which will drop very soon. I have loads of videos in the pipeline. I'm also organising to do a small tour this year and launch my cooking show on youtube!

    king london streetwear Just as good on the women as the men

    Follow Paige and also KING stockists and sneaker specialists Sports Dimension/Lock’d on social media:



  • King Apparel Calisthenics

    Calisthenics team Bar Sparta Crew decked out

    King are proud to announce that one of the worlds best Calisthenics teams - the UK’s Bar Sparta - has joined forced to be our exclusive Calisthenics affiliates. These guys are way more than just a gym king. With unbelievable dexterity, strength, core stability and agility, they can put many other athletes to shame.

    With a series of performance and sport inspired pieces in every collection, including our double face tech fleece garments, tracksuits and sweats, there is always something in every collection that will keep you looking the part both on and off the bars and in and outside the gym.

    gym king Kings of the Gym

    The team who recently placed second at the world championships in Dubai have some of the most talented Calisthenics athletes in the world and will be at this May’s Body Power Expo, doing a series of exhibition performances as well as competing globally again in individual pursuits and the biggest team events.

    the gym king madness

    Check the whole team out on social media here:

    @barsparta @smallspartan_barsparta @starboyasian_barsparta @scorpion_barsparta @sensei_barsparta @ming_barsparta

  • California store focus - Titanic Boutique

    California streetwear The view from the store front...

    Titanic Boutique is one of the oldest stores on the Venice Beach boardwalk. Think The Lost Boys movie and you’re half way there. These guys hold the record for the biggest single boardwalk transaction of 30 grand for two giant metal sculptures of The Predator and The Alien made by a local artist from recycled car parts.

    transformers models Titanic is unlike any store you've been to

    However, Titanic is best renowned for their headwear. Literally a compendium of all of the best types of hats you can think of and owners and managers who literally know the inside out of every hats they sell. We get through a lot of hats and snapbacks with these guys and they get through a lot of customers.

    headwear USA Going in with Antonio - he's a hat specialist

    An epic traditional store to be partnered with and a location that anyone would be thankful to work in, day in and day out. Check these guys out the next time you’re doing the tourist thing…


  • California store focus - General Admi52ion, Venice Beach

    Contemporary menswear Check the fit out...wavey

    We always stop through General Admission in Venice Beach when we are in town, as it’s close to my sister’s place and just a straight up stand out retail store. Great brands, fit out, wicked local atmosphere - beers on tap from the owners and a very tidy looking in house label that is very popular in this part of the city.

    High end streetwear If your house looked half as good, you'd be stoked

    Caesar is a massive Man City fan (nevermind mate) but it always leads to good conversations - especially when they had just walloped West Ham 5-0, but the less said about that the better! These guys also own a parking lot opposite the store and have a converted air stream trailer permanently parked up that operates as an artisian coffee shop during the day.

    streetwear accessories Get the AMEX black out and put it to work

    I also have it on good authority that the parking lot plays host to some sick parties in the Summer, so we’ll just have to make it back for those in six months. We are working on looking to do something with these guys so watch this space. In the meantime when you’ve got your head stuck in your phone on the train check out their feed on Instagram.

    venice beach streetwear A must stop when you're being a tourist in Venice Beach


  • California store focus - Millennium Shoes, Inglewood

    London urban clothing We need more stores like this back home

    What can we say about Millennium Shoes!!!! Whoop de whoop Inglewooood. This shop is straight up fire. Recently re-fitted and re-furbed it has that authentic neighbourhood feel to it.

    Streetwear London Mad brand selection, mad sneaker game

    You know all the local heads are coming in here to get their brand new kicks and clothes (the smell of weed emanating from the college kids who dropped in on our visit got me high just standing next to them), and Nita who runs the show on the buying front, knows her stuff inside out.

    London snapback Giving Nita the rundown on AW17

    We’re stoked to be the only international brand being sold alongside the beasts of the US streetwear scene such as Staple, Diamond Supply, BBC, Dope and also the tier zero Nike and Yeezy Adidas footwear, which is a strong look for any brand from humble beginnings in the East end of London.

    Adidas Yeezy Sneaker wheel

    The pictures tell the story, so if you’re in LA, ‘get yo ass’ down Manchester Blvd, get some donuts and a massive gallon of Dr Pepper and go hang in Millennium shoes. Get educated by Nita, buy some Nikes, a KING hoodie and live the LA dream.

    New Balance, Nike, Adidas, Vans I would have dropped $500 on creps in here if i had $499 extra dollars in my wallet


  • California store focus - Tings, Covina California

    Core streetwear Sick window signage

    Covina…when you’re driving from Venice beach to this place, get ready for 4hours of fucking nightmare traffic, stock up on pretzel M&M’s, make sure you have an IN ’N’ OUT burger en route and crank that air con and the tunes up in the motor because you’re gonna be bumper to bumper most of the way. Covina is situated on your way out of LA towards San Bernadino and the desert wastelands where Mad Max lives beyond the Thunderdome (People below the age of 20 are thinking ‘what the fuck?! right now)

    King London Representing inside the place

    It’s a wicked little town, the kinda place you see in the movies, with a banging high school football team, no trash on the streets, probably a load of fit cheerleaders knocking about somewhere and coincidentally one of the best independent streetwear stores you’re gonna find. Manabu the owner is Japanese. We all know what that means - mad love for core streetwear. He has a load of genuine authentic Supreme and Bape, actually i would say arguably the best stockist of Supreme and BAPE in California, aside from Supreme themselves.

    Streetwear blogging Setting the fashion world to rights

    This gets the punters in and then he hits them with the good stuff. Rains, Dope, and going left field on the sneaker front with the likes of Diadora…Diadora?! Trust me their new stuff is on point. He also carries a lot of local brands which i think more independents need to do. Local brands get large local followings and the more support they can get from stores the better, especially if their output justifies it. Big respect to Tings for that move.

    Bape, Supreme, King Manabu and his Empire

    So, next time you’re in town, jump in the car (make it mid-morning to avoid the congestion) and go see Manabu and Tings…probably the best store you’ve never heard of.

    Covina California Sticker Tech


  • California store focus - Tradition, Los Angeles

    Located in the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, Tradition has a reputation for spotting and bringing those brands to the LA market that other stores wish they could get their hands on.

    British streetwear in Los Angeles One of the Beverly Centre's best independents

    Naturally it is frequented by customers who bring the trends instead of following them and aren’t afraid to get their hands on something new and relatively unknown, because for them it’s all about being the first.

    Our first season saw over 80% sell through with these guys so we hope to be getting new lines in there for all of those people waiting on the fresh SS17 collection. You can also pick up various items under the Tradition brand banner and exclusive to the store, so if you’re from out of town you can bring home some genuine Los Angeles style.

    KING snapbacks in the USA Customised snaps

    British streetwear in the US is growing with each new store that we get into and KING are flying the flag. So get yourself down to Tradition and ask for Deanna or Jafet and they’ll give you the lowdown on the LA street scene and international representation they are bringing to the West Coast


  • California store focus - West of Camden, Huntingdon Beach

    London fashion in California All of the Lights

    West of Camden is hands down one of the best stores in Southern California, situated literally next to the Pacific Ocean. Huntingdon is dominated by Southern Californian surf and action sports stores, so it is refreshing to get a retailer that goes a little left field and offers lines that no one remotely close is able to get their hands on.

    London streetwear Los Angeles The personal touch

    The store has some of the best independent men’s and women’s brands out there and luckily for us all of their customers love the London flavour that we bring to the table! It also has a very hands on feel to it, with personal touches all throughout which is so critical in retail today and generates a loyal and frequent customer base.

    King London Rooting through the new lines

    Anyone in this part of Southern California who is looking for unique and well thought out British contemporary fashion that none of your friends will have, then get yourselves over to see Lindsey and Adrien and they will give you the full run down of the latest collection of caps, hoodies, t-shirts and sweats…all the way from the East End of London.

    London Streetwear Rated...


  • British streetwear in the USA. Liberty Fairs trade show, Las Vegas

    British streetwear brands Seconds before i tried to top myself from the 8th floor...Vegas can do that to you

    This February saw us head over once again to the adult theme park that is Las Vegas for the Liberty Fairs tradeshow. We have now got the show and the trip dialled in, as we are enter our 4th year of doing the US shows. So naturally less than 2 hours after stepping off the plane i was in bed (4.30pm to be precise) and slept like i was dead until late that night. This is the best thing i’ve ever done since doing these trips. As long as you get up, head out, eat good food and go back to bed you are pretty much set in terms of adjusting the time difference.

    The Venetian Hotel I have no idea how this picture of the hallway in my house got in here?!

    Then you have more energy for working on the guns in the morning, chatting shit and working in the day, smashing wealthy Chinese gamblers on roulette in the evening and then getting chucked out of any bar or club that will let you in during the night. As long as you’re tucked into bed to get your 7hours sleep, you can rinse and repeat every day you’re there. Magic. Everyone will think you are a non-stop fucking party machine…when the reality is the complete opposite.

    London street fashion Pretending to write an order

    Anyway, we were there to work so we set a booth up, steamed some clothes, stole hangers using our regular hanger scam (don’t worry we put ‘em back) ate ice cream and pretended we knew what we were doing. If you pretend, then everyone believes you and you sell more clothes.

    King Apparel London Our agent Will from One Street Sales letting his mum know what time he will be home for dinner

    I can’t knock Liberty. At a time when tradeshows in general are getting it in the neck for being out of date, these guys consistently draw in the very best brands and the very best stores, so even though footfall was down on previous seasons we still wrote a ton of business and that’s saying a lot.

    King cap Liberty Fairs, Las Vegas

    We met some great new stores and always get to hang out with new and interesting people and in the US that’s pretty much all what it’s about. Big shouts to Monty from Criminal Damage who needs as many friends as he can get at the moment, but is fun to travel on a plane with, Yaniv from Editorial Boutique and Elo from Dr Denim- straight up my favourite person i’ve met at all the shows. 4 days is more than i can take in Vegas so we packed down the booth on the last day, rented a car and headed South to LA and the next leg of making KING the number 1 British street fashion brand across the pond. Watch this space cos it’s happening…


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