On The Inside - Jackets


Our heritage in technical jacket development goes back to the early days of the brand and the founders roots in the professional snowboard scene. Over the years we have introduced everything from winter down puffers, technical waterproof jackets with fully bonded interiors, pockets and taped seams, through PU coated tech bomber jackets and two-in-one light weight shells.

Developed from the ground up with attention and consideration to custom patterns, fabrication and detailing, the most recent set of jackets continue this trend of meticulous processes, offering a set of garments that continue to stand out from the crowd.

Every jacket is crafted on our own silhouettes and are made in very limited numbers of no more than 200 units or less. This production run policy is grounded in the long lasting commitment to retain brand exclusivity and ensure that our coveted low supply philosophy is always retained.

The Tennyson reversible puffer jackets are produced in three colour combinations, with contrasts chosen on the basis of neutral earth tones offset against more extroverted pop colours. From black and sky blue, through cream and fern green to oxblood and blush pink. All jackets are made in a robust heavyweight nylon, ethical, synthetic down fill and with premium 3D tonal coloured chest and back embroideries and custom KING zippers.

Our Earlham jacket set was developed using a lighter-weight mid-sheen nylon shell for premium ultra quilted shape whilst retaining elevated comfort and warmth using a top quality synthetic, ethical down. The set of three long line puffer jackets and three regular length fur lined hooded puffer jackets run across black, muted olive green and a steel grey pantone.

The Longline jackets feature both a full length zip and button down front placket as well as 4 way front pockets and interior pockets. Branding comes in the form of KING prints on the front chest and our trademarked KING.LDN.03 tech print on the rear lower side seam, not to mention the small strap line print on the inside placket.

The regular puffers follow suit with the same fabrications, albeit with a natural faux fur-lined hood and embroidered front chest and oversized rear detailing. With both front and interior pockets and our patented three panel hood that retains shape and fit at all times.

The stand out jacket in the set is the Shadwell long line puffer jacket in black. Again constructed in a robust heavyweight nylon with ethical, synthetic down fill, this jacket features intricate embellishments from dual colour 3D embroidery, 4 way front pockets, side zips and two way front zip. A polar level garment that will handle the harshest of winter elements

A jacket line up that is made with personal care and attention, an expertise developed over 19 years and manufactured intentionally to ensure elevated value and permanently limited distribution and availability.