On The Inside - Varsity Jackets


A style that has a place in every streetwear wardrobe, the Varsity Jacket is a staple classic, taking cues from classic American college Letterman uniforms and US sports team heritage. Appropriated by the fashion sector, this style dips in and out on the trend cycle, but true street fashion aficionado’s understand the intrinsic value of legit Varsity pieces and the role they play on completing any seasonal wardrobe.

The KING Whitechapel Varsity pays homage to the tradition of team mascots, the notion of true team rivalry and the construction and build quality expected in only the best pieces.

Developed on a high grade melton wool body, the ethical faux leather arms were chosen for their heavier and structured fit, with a diamond quilted lining through the back and front, making way for a satin lining in the arms. Our notorious Black Panther Team Mascot design has been intricately embroidered on the rear with accompanying Loyal To Few, Ruled By None slogan. This is complemented by the KING vs EVERYBODY front chest mantra - a nod to the team siege mentality often seen in American sports. Any Varsity piece would not be complete without large chenille patches on the arms and front and of course heavyweight striped 1x1 waist and rib cuffing. We developed the Whitechapel Varsity jackets with an extremely limited philosophy in mind, with only 100 units of each style produced and which will never be repeated once sold out.

An absolute monster of a jacket with every element considered in detail and finished to the highest of standards. Elevate any outfit and get involved if you want a part of streetwear history.